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Oxford Food Symposium 2020


We’re going virtual! Registration is now open for our very first V-Symp 10 July – 2 August 2020

More details and tickets here, and no need to underline the reasons for this decision.

Let's learn the details from the organizers of Oxford Food Symposium;

We – all Trustees and volunteers – are very excited about the possibilities that this new sympotic world will open for the community that has gathered over forty years. 2020 will be different, of course, but no less stimulating intellectually and socially. This is the moment to put into practice the Symposium’s mission on yet another level: 
V-Symp 2020 will be engaging, meaningful, and enjoyable, employing user-friendly technologies allowing a broad and diverse audience to contribute, including many who might otherwise not be able to journey to Oxford. Come and join us!

Please visit for more details